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26 Nov 2022
website design briefing

How To Prepare For Your Website Design Briefing

After ordering a new website design, your first initial design briefing is always a requirement. This is the process of describing your website design and operations needed to your new web designer. It’s extremely important you stay thorough with your briefing so the website designer or project manager can develop exactly what you’re looking for. […]

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05 Nov 2022
increase php memory limit

Increase PHP Memory Limit

When working with php, you may find that some software or themes may break due to your current hosting configurations. Especially when working in WordPress, incompatable memory limits may cause the site to break or even get the white screen of death. You can use debugging tools or check the error logs to find the […]

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05 Nov 2022
Full /tmp Disk on Server Background

Clean Full /tmp Disk on Server

Dependent on your server environment, you may see your temp disk as full from a build up of outdated files. We recommend the fastest way of cleaning this full /tmp disk on server by utilizing tmpwatch inside your terminal in WHM. It’s also important to note where the issue is coming from to prevent it […]

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01 May 2022
write a business plan - background

How To Write A Business Plan

First, you need to know why it’s important to writing your business plan. Company plans might assist you in obtaining finance or attracting new business partners. Having one in place will give investors confidence that their money will be well spent. Your business plan will be the instrument you use to persuade people that collaborating […]

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25 Apr 2022

How To Enhance Hospitality Websites in 2022

When studying how to enhance hospitality websites, there’s many ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of your website. Whether you’re interested in improving your click through rating, increase traffic, or just enhancing your brand, it’s ideal to update your site and content regularly. Not only will this improve the functionality of the site, […]

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21 Apr 2022

How To Effectively Design A Restaurant Menu

Every restaurant, bar, or bistro needs a menu, but do we all know how to effectively design a restaurant menu? A well-designed menu can help you communicate your restaurant’s story, connect with your customers more deeply, and, most significantly, increase sales and profitability. The restaurant menu is one of the most significant selling tools for […]

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12 Apr 2022

How to Build a Drop Shipping Website Design

Because marketing surpasses financial capability, having a drop shipping website design is a popular business strategy for entrepreneurs. It is feasible to establish an affordable drop shipping business since you don’t stock or handle inventory. The products sold by a drop shipping website are purchased from a third party supplier, who subsequently fulfills the order. […]

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12 Mar 2022
computer desk

Install The Latest Version of WordPress

WordPress is used by over 455 million websites. WordPress usage is steadily increasing, with over 2 million downloads each year. WordPress allows you to effortlessly construct and manage your website from any computer. WordPress can be obtained in a variety of ways. The simplest method is to use a hosting service, however some techies prefer […]

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