11 Aug 2021
Good Website Developement

Everything you need to know about good website design

When it comes to what makes a good website design, there isn’t any easy, one size fits all answer to this. It depends on the kind of site you have, your target audience, and your goals. Nevertheless, we will discuss 7 elements that can be really helpful in designing a good site and fulfilling the purposes of both the end- user and the owner of the site. 

Well-integrated SEO 

First things first! A holistic SEO approach is highly recommended for modern website design . This indicates the optimization of your site on all levels to have more satisfied customers and a better user experience. These intents combined with a well-grounded SEO strategy, timely implementations and enhancements, and a keen focus on results, will definitely accomplish your goal. The number one thing to keep in mind is that we at Yoast Advocate comprehensive SEO as a holistic approach towards the success of your brand.  

What makes a good designer? 

Have you ever hired a website designer? What are the qualities you are looking for in a good designer? What tips would you give to someone looking to hire one?  

Firstly, make a list of a few websites that you like the most. Contact the business owner of each site. Find out the designers of their websites, it’s better for you to find a full-time, self-employed web designer. Finalize the names of three to five designers, then contact them with your notes on the requirements of your website.  

Focus on: 

  1. Their availability to do the work. 
  2. Their price is aligning with your budget. 
  3. They can provide one to two additional references. 
  4. They can complete the task of designing your site well so you can easily make the edits only, if needed.  

7 Elements of a Good Website 

It is hard to quantify the important things to be considered while designing good creative websites. There is a lot to be kept in mind for quality assurance, of course! Your website is your business. As Google always says that you must concentrate on the quality of your content, be it text, images, links or infographics. Algorithmic changes might be challenging for you even if you have worked hard with your content quality, it’s just that your competitors fit better now for this particular query. 

You should ethically be looking at user intent and your potential customers’ behaviors during all periods of your business and keep updating things. Periodically, your keyword research should be redone and implemented. Be informed always about the latest market trends in your niche. By the consistent efforts in evaluating the SEO strategy, you always will have an upper hand in the business world of tuff competition. 

1. Your website has a clear goal and user engagement 

Knowing the audience is the key. What is the contribution of your business to the world? Why should anyone visit your site and do business with you? You must have a goal before really starting any website because you should know about the customers’ priorities, likes and dislikes and the very reasons behind them. Engage the user. Plan carefully, if your product or service offers a solution to a problem or is this playing a role in making their life better. 

Are you selling a pen or a message through a beautiful and appealing piece of writing? 

Stay aligned with the people’s wants and needs. Nail the art of helping people land on your pages and serve their queries by solving their problems. Follow the link to see the most successful sites in the world and have a look at their etiquette of designing to suit the purposes of the target audience. 

2.  Your website is technically sound 

Your website should be smoothly crawlable and communicate well with the search engines in terms of indexing. Good sites don’t encounter errors usually, and load super-fast from anywhere in the world. Good speed of loading plays a crucial role in the progression of a website.   Carefully choose your CMS and plan for its smooth execution. Picking up a reputable hosting company is mandatory. It should be helpful and flexible. WordPress hosting is super simple to use and is SEO friendly.  However, with Yoast SEO you get your satisfactory WordPress SEO.

3. Your website is trustworthy and secure 

Google wants their users to get the best possible experience. If any of your claims is doubtful, the search engine will not show your content. It will pick a result that is good for the user. That’s why building your trustworthiness is vital when it comes to technicality and content itself. 

If the green lock icon is missing, this might mean you have not taken the proper security measures. A lot of things build up your impression. 

4. Your website has an attractive design and a remarkable UX 

Your site should be visibly appealing and conveying your message to the customers. The design and color scheme of the web pages must be helpful in fulfilling your goals. The content should be clear and converting. The Design should be well-thought-out and brand focused. User experience has a huge significance when it comes to brand marketing, through the websites. It should be a joyful experience, something they should remember and would like to come back for more (quite often). UX is responsible for saving users’ time, preventing them from frustration, providing them a beautiful environment to indulge in while browsing. 

Turn frustration into happiness! Happy users are good buyers.” 

5. Your site has outstanding content 

Keep your content user-centered. User-friendly content helps them get to their goals fast, making things accessible for them. You have to merge the intent of your business and the users’ desires in order to get the BIG task done!  For this, you need to know the user so well that before they ask for what they want from you, you are ready to provide them with the best you have to offer. The language of the content must be simple and comprehensive. Be creative, be different. Do research and showcase original content. 

6. Your site is mobile-friendly 

Mobile trafficking cannot be overlooked as it has increased drastically over the last couple of years. Get your site mobile-friendly and work on mobile SEO. Build a mobile-first site if you are on a new venture of website designing to boost your sales. Most sites have been developed in desktop-first mode. After implementing the desktop view, the designers do their job to set the sites for mobile experiences. This is the modern approach for your site to be a mobile-first design. It cleans up the clutter, summarizes the content as a minimal and focused display of the content. 

Remember, less is more! 

7. Your site can communicate well with the search engines 

Search engines go through the pages to determine what they are about. They have to make a match of the content to the search query and show the best results. Search engines are still machines, they should be guided properly to discover your offerings.  Scheme is a kind of translator to the search engines. What it does, is that it describes the elements on a page, so that the search engine can determine what the content really is. Then Google being so efficient about the content marks these elements for generating even richer results. This has carousels, nutritional facts for recipes, star ratings, FAQ  drop-downs, and much more. Pay attention to the structured data, as the search engines spend a lot of resources on this. 

So, is your website standing out? 

Scrolling is a soothing part of the user experience rather than an annoyance, and a simple, clean navigability. Good websites are so perfectly designed to present the reason for their existence Standout of the crowd by using the above mentioned techniques with an aesthetic appeal and fantastic functionality, rock the business you own. 

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