19 Mar 2022

Graphic Design Trends of 2022

When researching the latest graphic design trends of 2022, it is first important to recognize the types of graphic design. There are key graphic design departments that can really help target industry standards.

These can consist of brand developments, web design/application graphics including wire framing, advertisement, and packaging design. Work within your specific industry’s design departments because there are certain rules when design elements are being utilized.

Graphic Design Departments

Website Design and Application Development

Designers can specialize in any of these two types of graphic design that understand the industry standards and best practices for the media they’re working with. Designers in these positions create the pages, layout, and visuals for apps and websites, and they collaborate closely with developers to ensure that their designs are feasible and useful because this is what makes the design effective.


Graphic designers who specialize in brand identity and logos develop, propose, and design new and current companies, organizations, products, and services with creative, powerful visual identities. Logos, like fonts and colors, are essential to brand identity. Everything from web design to advertising, they also require a distinctive combination of colors, forms, and designs that will be used to represent the brand almost everywhere. Designers may create business cards, letterhead, advertising, and a variety of other graphics that feature the new brand identity.

Package Design

Almost single product in a store has packaging, whether it’s fast food boxes, device packaging, the box that your new stove comes in, or even coffee bags.

Package designers must be passionate in designing for 3D shapes because it is their job to capture a customers eye which helps persuade shoppers to purchase the product. This form of design includes mockups, drafting and finalizing print files.

Print and Advertising

Layout and print designers attempt to achieve the ideal mix of text and visuals. Creating designs that are aesthetically beautiful and easy to read. This includes magazines, books, newspapers, brochures, posters, and other printed materials. The placement of imagery and font choice are very important. Although you may feel the design is most important, the designer should have knowledge of printing techniques and production.

Graphic Design Trends To Help Inspire

Inclusive Graphics

One of the most prominent graphic design trends in 2022 is inclusive graphics. Include people of all gender, ethnicity, or orientation. Businesses should strive to ensure that as many people as possible feel represented.

Whether designers are working on branding, UX design or packaging, creation of items should be designed to be accessible to people of various ages, genders, abilities, and physical limitations.

Font Choices

Typeface is continually changing in the world of branding. Sans serif typefaces have always been popular since Helvetica was created, and we can expect a return to more traditional and classic serif fonts in 2022. The reason is because sans serif fonts are just a little too popular right now and seen everywhere. Serif typefaces and even handwritten scripts are becoming popular among graphic designers for branding purposes. Larger typefaces has been increasingly popular. This is a wonderful approach to help stand out from the crowd.

Custom Brand Illustration

Custom illustrations have been increasingly popular in web design. When it comes to a new brand’s image, designers are always seeking for ways to reintroduce interest and creativity into their work. This includes illustration of flat graphics to full-blown photo collages.

Model images are just about impossible during a pandemic. Because of this, genuine hand-drawn elements can help close the gap.

Including Nature

The use of environmental imagery in designs has become a prominent brand identification trend. It’s a way to bring some natural beauty and tranquility to a world that’s often chaotic. While everyone is trying to stay unique, this can help your business establish a positive association.

Mixed Media

Mixed media is a unique technique to create visually striking graphics, and can be used to convey a compelling message to your audience. High end designers love to experiment with different elements and styles.

You can, for example, include sculpture into your painting or sketch on top of photographs. The goal of mixed media is to blur the lines between different art mediums which can help give a really personal look.


A meme is a text-enhanced image that has gone viral and usually makes a point about cultural icons, societal concepts, or current events. A meme is usually a visual or video, although it can also be a block of text.

Although memes are already extremely popular, they are still a new trend that has piqued the interest of the audience.

Data Design

Data has always been important to companies and consumers. Any way you can visually showcase your data can increase attention. When you start to showcase your company’s data, it help involve customers by a relation. In turn, this can help develop more trust when consumers browse your products or services.

How important is it to hire a professional graphic designer?

The most crucial reason to engage a graphic designer is to project a professional image. Designers use color and imagery to communicate. Because a customer’s opinion of your brand can be formed in a matter of seconds, a designer understands the importance of displaying your company in an appealing manner.

A professional designer is key to ensure you’re getting the most out of your branded image. This will ensure you’re company’s brand is the most effective and professional. People are strongly influenced by what they see, whether a business likes it or not. In the end, good design is what will lead to more interest and sales.

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