10 Sep 2022
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5 Ways to Cut Web Design Costs

A business’s strategy for marketing and startups should include a decent website. A company will lose out on a lot of potential sales if it has an out-of-date website or none at all. There’s many operational costs that any business owner can face. If you’re facing a tight budget, there are ways to cut web design costs without losing important features needed in your website.

Use Royalty Free Images

Images are a very important element on almost every website. Images can become very expensive because of the number you need to help keep users engaged. There are several places that give free images if you need one but don’t have one on hand. To help cut web design costs, you can look into sites such as Unsplash or Pexels that allow free commercial use photography. Just remember to leave photographer credit and/or backlink when you can.

Purchase a Template or Theme

A lot of the design effort required to set up a new site can be eliminated by using a prepackaged theme. There are numerous stores where you can purchase a pre-made theme. Elegant Themes, Theme Isle, WP Astra, and Ocean WP are a few websites to take into account.

Minimize Your Content

This is a pretty straight forward solution because the more content you have, the more work you have for your designer. It’s important to remember that you can always add to your site in the future. If there’s a tight budget in mind, keep the number of pages low and the required content/text minimal.

Handle Some Workload In House

If anyone within your current operations is tech savvy, it may not be a bad idea to get a jump start on your next website while utilizing this resource. This can eliminate a lot of the smaller workload, while also teaching an in house employee how to manage your online site or store. It can be an extra added benefit when one of your team members can help manage your company’s online presence. This is because it can help alleviate some website management costs within the future.

Shop Around For The Best Price

No reason to look any further! Our web design team at Best Designers can help work with any budget you may have. If you have a specific budget in mind, we can help figure out ways to make it work together. This would include establishing the main importance of the website first and foremost, including all main content and ensuring the website is designed serving its purpose efficiently and elegantly. If you have other enhancements in mind, not to worry as other integrations can persist later down the road when budgets permit. Get in touch today so we can start brainstorming on your next project.

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