21 Apr 2022

How To Effectively Design A Restaurant Menu

Every restaurant, bar, or bistro needs a menu, but do we all know how to effectively design a restaurant menu? A well-designed menu can help you communicate your restaurant’s story, connect with your customers more deeply, and, most significantly, increase sales and profitability.

The restaurant menu is one of the most significant selling tools for your restaurant and one of the most crucial cornerstones of your visitor experience. A well-designed menu may enhance your revenue while improving the guest experience, whether it’s printed, online, or on a menu board above a counter.

design a restaurant menu

Item Quantity

According to research, having fewer menu items nowadays is significantly more beneficial and efficient. That isn’t to say you should limit yourself to just a few menu items; rather, you should consider grouping your menu items and restricting the number of options inside each category.

The days of the large restaurant menu with dozens of choices are long gone. A large menu can impair revenue in most restaurants due to underused or rotting goods.

Organize Your Content

You must first learn to compose a restaurant menu before diving into design. Make a list of all the meals you wish to serve.

Sort the goods into categories like appetizers, entrees, desserts, and so on. Then determine which menu items you want to feature prominently on the menu because you might want appetizers to be at the top of your menu. It’s important to list the best items first because of their high profit, high popularity.

This would ultimately be when you would also like to write descriptions of your dishes and list your pricing.


Next, to design a restaurant menu, start to think about your brand. Select a color scheme for your menu that corresponds to your restaurant’s identity. This is as simple as deciding on colors for the menu, or deciding to print in black and white.

If you’re hiring a designer, simply providing them with your menu items typed out with a color scheme will make their job a lot easier.


The difficult part now is converting all of your content into a menu design. Menu templates can be used as a starting point with tools such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Suite. Keep your items and number of pages down to a minimum because this will make the menu easy to digest. No pun intended!

If you’re going to incorporate images of your most successful menu items, they must be of excellent quality and printable. Because terrible shots are worse than no photos, you may need to engage a food photographer to take these photos.

Design a Restaurant Menu in Summary

The menu design of your business can make or break your profitability. Your guests could order your least profitable item over and over again if it’s most prominent on the menu. Remember to strategically place and design your menu items to effectively push the items you want. A great menu can also help your waiter up sell allowing you to increase your check average.

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