25 Apr 2022

How To Enhance Hospitality Websites in 2022

When studying how to enhance hospitality websites, there’s many ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of your website. Whether you’re interested in improving your click through rating, increase traffic, or just enhancing your brand, it’s ideal to update your site and content regularly. Not only will this improve the functionality of the site, but will also increase organic search ranking. This is because with search algorithms in 2022, the more content that stay’s up to date, the more you can stay ahead of your competition. Search engines like Google will reward for positive behavior like this.

The average tourist checks 50 sites before making a reservation. Because of this, what can you do to ensure that your hospitality website stands out? Besides from the obvious like optimizing your websites speed, we took some time to find other ideal factors to help enhance your site.


It goes without saying that COVID pretty much made the entire industry come to a halt. Your visitors want to feel safe and know your guidelines, so be sure to share this information with them. As a result of COVID-19, tourism and travel patterns are changing, and your website needs to reflect this. Guests will be on the lookout for assurance and active efforts you’re taking to keep COVID-19 exposure to a minimum.

Responsiveness is Key

Customers now book 25% of hotels and vacations on their phones and tablets, and 80% of customers worldwide would abandon a mobile website if it is not suited for their device. Failure to optimize is the same as throwing money away. If it doesn’t fit on the little screen, guests will book elsewhere.

Enhance Hospitality Websites Search Engine Optimization

In case you haven’t noticed, ranking in SEO for your hotel or BNB is extremely competitive. You can definitely get a leg up on the competition when you fully commit to a company offering SEO. If you haven’t, be sure to be listed locally on a Google My Business Account. The more reviews and mapped locations you offer, the more natural traffic you will receive. Long term SEO plans are definitely more beneficial because it simply takes time for keywords to rank and backlinks to be in place.

enhance hospitality websites - pool

Professional Photography

Images elicit a faster response than words. Customers will either snap their own photos or post directly from hotel websites when it comes to sharing experiences on social media. Assuring that the photographs are high-resolution and accurate representations of the rooms and facilities. Making your hotel appear to be much nicer than it is will not result in long-term direct income.

Benefits are as Important as Your Hotel’s Features

Many hotel websites advertise the property’s amenities in order to persuade visitors to book. As a result, banal descriptions of pools, on-site eateries, and amenities are common. Customers do not hire a hotel with a pool only for the purpose of having one. They want it for the experience it can provide them. (Example: Enjoy the sun on our beach and take a swim before dinner!)

Enhance Hospitality Websites in Summary

To be put simply, every website can be enhanced. It’s important to study your main competition. See what they’re doing and see how they’re marketing. Every great starting point is to analyze the competition and figure out how to make their ideas better. This along with our key tips is a great starting point to enhance hospitality websites.

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