30 Mar 2022

How To Name Your Business

You may think that choosing your business name could be the hardest part of getting your new business started. Naming your new company should feel perfect when you think of it. You should want to scream it off of the rooftops because it means so much to you and should feel primal!

Before you climb up on your roof, there should be some simple questions to help guide you in choosing your business name.

What is the primary objective of the name?

Think of what your consumers will think about when hearing or seeing your name. They should be your primary concern.

Does the name fit the industry you’re involved in?

In almost every market today, many companies utilize verbiage related to their industry. This is because it helps convey the meaning of the company faster to an average consumer.

Are color schemes and typography of the brand matching your business name?

At Best Designers, we can’t emphasize enough about the branding design matching the name of the company. Certain styles in type and colors go with different words and names.

Name Your Business By Consensus

On average, a typical consumer takes 10 seconds to decide how they feel about a new brand or logo they just seen. After this initial impression, it takes between 5 – 7 repetitions before they start to recognize the logo or brand.

Name Generators

It’s very possible to get off to the right start by utilizing naming generators or thesauruses to help brainstorm. This direction allows you to play around with words related to the industry you’re affiliated with.

Business Naming Experts

Believe it or not, this is actually a professional service. There’s many people out there that specialize in naming businesses. This can also include legalities of searching for available trademark and copyright privileges as well.

Utilizing a Survey Group

This option is always the most popular but requires to have solid ideas in place. You will need to initiate a presentation of options to a controlled group of consumers. There are professional control groups available online, and there are also free and easier alternatives. Blast your ideas out on social media! Start growing a community by involving them in your brand because the more someone is involved in your brand, the longer they’ll be a consumer.

In Summary

We know it can be difficult, but make it fun! This should be one of the most exciting parts of your new venture. New and exciting energies are in the air, and your life is changing in an exciting and positive way.

Feel free to reach out to the professional branding department at Best Designers In The World to help with logo and brand development when you’re name or ideas are in place. We’d LOVE to help brainstorm with you!

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