05 Nov 2022
increase php memory limit

Increase PHP Memory Limit

When working with php, you may find that some software or themes may break due to your current hosting configurations. Especially when working in WordPress, incompatable memory limits may cause the site to break or even get the white screen of death.

You can use debugging tools or check the error logs to find the cause. The most common cause of a site breaking is due to memory usage limits, so we’ll show you ways to increase PHP memory limit manually.

Contact Your Host or Server Manager

Especially if you’re not tech savvy, this would be the easiest solution for you. Reach out to your hosting manager and request them to increase the php memory limit in your account. A very normal and suitable memory limit you can ask for is 250mb. Most themes and software should let you know the suitable memory limit within their documentation.

WordPress – Increase PHP Memory Limit Inside wp-config.php File

If you’re operating in WordPress, access your files through an ftp client or through file manger within your cpanel/hosting tools. Then navigate to your wp-config.php file to edit. Add the following line just above the “happy blogging” line:


Via PHP.INI File

Navigate to your php.ini file within your home directory. If you don’t see one you may need to edit your settings to show hidden files or simply create a text file labeled php.ini. Then simply place the following line:


Through Cpanel

Latest versions of Cpanel including Best Designers Hosting now include editing memory limits through php settings. Navigate to Select PHP Version or PHP INI settings (whatever your Cpanel offers). Then simply set your php limit in the designated text field.


Within you home directory, edit you HTACCESS File and add the following line:

php_value memory_limit 256M

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