11 Apr 2022

Take Reservations Online – Best Booking Software Options

take reservations online - couple booking reservations on computer

To be able to take reservations online, you first have to determine what type of website software you’re using or considering. There are many different platforms to work with for the hotel, lodging or bed and breakfast industries. It’s important to analyze what each platform’s benefits would be and which would fit your company best.

Website Software That Supports Reservation Capabilities


WordPress is the most popular Content Management System among people interested in starting hotel operations. This is one of the many great options because of it’s customization capabilities.


The system has a wide range of features and tools that are ideal for creating hotel projects. It’s also worth noting that, while Squarespace is not the most user-friendly platform for newbies, anyone with a web design knowledge can learn it.


Wix is useful hotel website builder because it offers a wide range of features and a booking system. In addition to its own full-cycle reservation system, Wix allows you to showcase 100% of your rooms. What’s more, it doesn’t require coding to successfully complete the website.


uKit is the most affordable website builder for small businesses like hotels and vacation rentals. It might be useful for creating a website for a bed and breakfast or a small guest house.

3rd Party Software Integrations To Take Reservations Online

Woocommerce Bookings

Woocommerce Bookings is only compatible with WordPress by installing Woocommerce. You may create bookable goods for reservations, services, and rentals/hires using the WooCommerce Bookings plugin. Bookings may be customized in terms of dates, prices, and length, and they can be purchased in the same way as other WooCommerce items.


Lodgify’s software includes everything you need to enhance your occupancy and income. They offer their own storefront portal and an integration service while using your own website. You can manage all of your properties’ calendars, reservations, prices, and payments within their integrated property management system.


Checkfront also offers multi-channel integration if you’re running your own website. You can use a short code to embed the booking calendar anywhere on a WordPress website. All of their platforms operations are responsive and several several break-points for visibility on all devices. You can also utilize their payment gateway while integrating their software on your website as well.

Why Take Reservations Online

If you own a hotel, lodge or bed and breakfast, taking reservations online will lighten the load of operations. Not only will it automate a lot of your services, but will also make it easier for you customers. Your users will also be more engaged within your website allowing for more bookings.

There are many things to keep in mind when building or maintaining your reservation website. It’s important to expand your sale portals because it will maximize bookings.

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