15 Apr 2022
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The Best Business WordPress Theme Layouts

One of the many reasons we feature the best business WordPress theme layouts is because they’re free to use for all of their customers. They’re so simple to integrate, compressed for high traffic, and offer built in SEO tools. Take a look below at some of our favorite Divi layouts so you can see why we’re a featured affiliate.

Best business WordPress Theme Layouts - Design Agency

Design Agency

This design agency layout pack will provide all of the information that your visitors require. It will also allow you to highlight the most important aspects of your design firm in a stylish manner.

Best business WordPress Theme Layouts - web design agency

Web Design Agency

This layout pack includes a pricing page, a services page, and a portfolio page, which are all crucial “must haves” for a Web Agency. Throughout, the design is appropriately colorful and tidy. The background pictures effectively and creatively stage the text. On the Services page, I especially like the CTA.

Best business WordPress Theme Layouts - business consultant

Business Consultant

This Business Consultant layout kit has everything a consultant needs to promote their services on the internet. The landing page is quite attractive. The services page has a distinctive style that draws attention to your offerings. Those CTAs truly stand out because to the overlapping method utilized throughout.

Best business WordPress Theme Layouts - Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing Layout Pack includes eight different and unique layouts that will immediately grab your visitors’ attention. Your website will have a modern and fashionable feel thanks to the use of bold colors and abstract shapes. This style set is ideal for providing easily legible and understandable material without sacrificing a gorgeous web design.

Best business WordPress Theme Layouts - insurance agency

Insurance Agency

This Insurance Agency Layout bundle is ideal for any insurance agency that wants to showcase their services online. It offers seven alternative page layouts, all of them are jam-packed with eye-catching visuals and icons. The services page, meanwhile, elegantly displays each service. This bundle covers a wide range of requirements for any insurance agency because industries can vary.

Best business WordPress Theme Layouts - restaurant


This restaurant layout kit includes everything a typical restaurant will require right out of the box. The all-important “hours of operation” information in the footer of every page, in particular. There’s also a button for making a reservation in the hero part of the home page and landing page, though you’ll need to install your own booking plugin to make it function.

Best business WordPress Theme Layouts - saas


Your website will have all the pages it needs with the essential information, which you may customize to your own needs, thanks to seven attractive and elaborated layouts.

Best business WordPress Theme Layouts - boutique


The slick, modern, yet retro look of the 7-page boutique layout set makes your shop website stand out. Each of the provided layouts focuses on providing the appropriate material, images, and call-to-actions. Because of this, your visitors to find exactly what they require quickly and convert into loyal clients in a short period of time.

Best business WordPress Theme Layouts - life coach

Life Coach

The Life Coach Layout Pack includes 6 alternative layouts as well as everything you’ll need to get started building a website that will help you grow your business. This layout pack’s design elements are both professional and beautiful. You’ll find a gorgeous diagonal structure in each of the layouts that will impress your visitors and prospects.

Best business WordPress Theme Layouts - construction


This layout set is designed for construction companies who want to showcase their services and efforts.

Because Divi has hundreds of other great layout options, you can check out the rest by clicking here!

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